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When you hire from Storage on Site, we ensure a smooth delivery process for your shipping container or site cabin using our own fleet of crane-assisted vehicles. With one of the largest depot fleets of lorries in the South, we can position units in almost any location, whether it’s over fences, into gardens, or onto construction sites throughout the south of England.

While our delivery vehicles are versatile and flexible, there are some important considerations to keep in mind to ensure a smooth delivery experience. Here are some key points to consider when planning the delivery of your container or office unit.

Access and Maneuverability

Our delivery lorries are quite large, so we need suitable access to your property. Ideally, we prefer to lift the unit from the side of the lorry, but we can swing it around to a certain degree if necessary. Most of our lorries are slightly larger than a standard bin lorry, making tight turns a potential challenge.

Please inspect your access roads or driveway and, if you have any concerns, let us know in advance. Our team is happy to discuss and find solutions for any access issues you might have.

Ground Conditions

Due to the weight of our delivery lorries, we prefer to stay on made-up roads to avoid damage and the risk of getting stuck. If you anticipate that the lorry will need to traverse soft ground or block paving, please discuss this with us beforehand. We can work together to find the best approach and avoid any unnecessary damage to your property.

Crane Reach

Our cranes have a maximum reach, so if we cannot park adjacent to the intended location of the unit, we will need to discuss the required distance for dropping the unit onto the ground. Understanding the reach and positioning limitations in advance will help us plan the delivery more effectively.

Overhead Obstructions

Before the delivery, please check for any overhead cables. We need to avoid any power lines or other overhead obstructions to ensure safety. If there are power lines in the vicinity, we might need to adjust the delivery plan to avoid these areas altogether.

Expert Advice and Free Site Visits

If you have any concerns about the delivery location, our experienced hire team is here to help. With a wealth of knowledge and support from our transport team, we can address any ambiguities you might have. If necessary, we can also visit your site to discuss the location and delivery process in detail, ensuring everything goes smoothly on the delivery day.

At Storage on Site, we are committed to making the delivery of your shipping container or site cabin as seamless as possible. By considering these key points and working with our expert team, you can rest assured that your unit will be delivered safely and efficiently.

Contact us for more information, to book your free site visit or for general delivery advice. or call 02380 332266.