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Need to see a comparison of container and cabin dimensions, or learn more about our transport and delivery? Find information to any queries you may have in this section.

Other Information & Services

Transport & Delivery

We’re proud to own a fleet of crane-assisted Hiab lorries for all deliveries, giving you peace-of-mind that we’re with you at every stage of your order.

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Container Dimensions

Need to know the footprint of a 20ft container? Want to know the capacity of a 10ft High Cube container? Find the answers to these questions and much more here.

Container Specifications

Reliable security is critical. All container hires come with a lockbox and heavy duty container padlock, while cabins have metal window shutters and 5-point door locks.

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Repairs & Maintenance

Our on-site experts can work magic not just with modifications, but to fix, maintain and repair shipping containers and site cabins when needed.

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It’s simple to order with us.
Here’s the easy 4 step process…

1. Make your enquiry

Either call us on 023 8033 2266 or use our enquiry forms, providing as much information as you have.

2. We get in touch

One of our experts will contact you to discuss your options, provide advice and confirm your cost.

3. Delivery date is confirmed

Shortly after discussing the details and approving the costs, your delivery is confirmed.

4. You receive your order

Your order will be shipped to you on your confirmed delivery date and placed exactly where needed, easy!