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Are you planning to hire or buy a shipping container in the South of the UK? While the prospect of obtaining a container for storage, conversion, or transportation can be exciting, it’s essential to ensure a smooth delivery process. From navigating narrow access points to avoiding overhead obstructions, here’s some SOS advice to guarantee hassle-free container deliveries.

Assess Container Delivery Access Points

Before scheduling your container delivery, thoroughly assess the width of access points on your property. Measure gateways, driveways, and any other entryways to ensure they can accommodate the size of the container and of course the delivery vehicle. At SOS we have our own fleet of delivery vehicles and our drivers are experts at getting into the toughest of spaces, but preparation is always key.

Don’t Forget Overhead Obstructions!

Often overlooked, be mindful of any  potential overhead obstacles such as trees, branches, overhead cables, or other structures that could obstruct the path of the delivery vehicle or crane lift. Where possible, trim branches, temporarily move cables, or clear any potential obstructions to ensure unimpeded access.

Levelling Ground Surfaces

Its always good to prepare the delivery site by ensuring the ground surface is level and stable. Uneven terrain can complicate the delivery process and will potentially pose safety risks. Use levelling blocks or prepare a stable foundation to facilitate smooth container placement.

Consider Ground Conditions Too

Also, take into account ground conditions such as soft soil or mud, especially during inclement weather. If the delivery site is prone to soft ground conditions, consider laying down plywood or gravel to provide traction and prevent sinking.

If In Doubt, Give Us A Shout!

At SOS we provide free site visits to check over any potential issues that may crop up on your delivery day, and will advise best solutions and options you have. Communicating closely with us will also answer any specific access requirements or concerns you may have.

Ensuring a smooth container delivery in the South UK requires careful planning and attention to detail. By assessing access points, mitigating overhead obstacles, preparing ground surfaces, and coordinating effectively with SOS, you can guarantee a seamless delivery experience. Don’t let logistical challenges derail your container plans—follow our expert tips and take advantage of our free site visits for stress-free deliveries.

Contact us today at to arrange your FREE site visit.