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Unlock the full potential of your storage experience with Storage on Site. Beyond offering quality shipping containers and cabins, we provide a wide range of essential accessories to complement your storage needs, ensuring total flexibility and convenience.

Maximise Space with Racking Solutions

Discover our heavy-duty steel-framed racking sets, offering a minimum of three shelves. Configurable in 8ft bays, these racks can be configured to store a whole variety of item sizes, helping to increase the flexibility of the capacity inside your container.

Illuminating Solutions: Light and Electric Installations

Illuminate your container effortlessly with our light and electric installations. Featuring a consumer-unit feeding sockets and lights, these installations are easily connected via a fixed external socket, providing instant access to power. Plus, we offer matching plugs for seamless integration!

Combat Moisture with Absorber Poles

Keep your stored items dry with our absorber poles, also known as Dampsticks. These little poles are filled with a special moisture-absorbing material, capable of trapping up to 2 litres of water. Easily replaceable, these poles ensure a moisture-free environment for your belongings.

Furnishing Your Space: Office and Canteen Furniture

Transform your container into a functional workspace or canteen with our range of furniture options. From desks and chairs to tables and cabinets, we offer complimentary furniture with our hire rates, with additional options available upon request.

Expert Guidance with Free Site Visits

Navigate concerns about your location and access with ease. Our experienced hire team is equipped with extensive knowledge to address your queries and can coordinate with our transport team for seamless delivery. Schedule a free site visit to discuss your specific needs and delivery requirements in detail.

Unlock the full potential of your storage solution with Storage on Site accessories. Contact us today at to learn more about how our accessories can elevate your storage experience.