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Although there are standard colour options for shipping containers, the colour possibilities are as diverse as your unique needs. At Storage on Site, our commitment goes beyond the standard choices; we provide solutions that will fit with any specific requirement, especially for those bespoke projects.

Exploring Standard Colour Choices

Our standard colour palette, offers four distinctive shades.

RAL 5010 Blue, a soft, light hue, is a favourite among self-storage sites, while RAL 5013 Blue, a richer, darker variant, proudly serves commercial sites and stands as our signature colour for hire fleet containers and cabins.

Within the standard green spectrum, RAL 6005 Green captivates with its lush mossy tone, akin to racing green, finding its place in domestic settings. For those desiring a deep racing green, RAL 6007 Green takes the spotlight, adored by self-storage sites and blending seamlessly in rural landscapes.

SOS Standard RAL colours for shipping containers

Tailoring Container Colours to Your Vision

If you are looking for something a little different, our containers can be painted to any RAL colour!

We have our own in-house spray booths, meaning we have complete control to ensure your finished product is exactly how you want it. Our expert team are always at hand to provide advice and suggest available options.

To learn more about RAL colours and see the full colour range, click here.

Elevating Your Storage with Colour

Storage on Site is committed to providing a storage experience that mirrors your unique style. From the four standard hues to bespoke RAL colours, our containers are a canvas awaiting your vision!

Whether you choose soothing blues, vibrant greens, or a custom colour, our in-house spray booths and expert team ensure your container exceeds your expectations.

Your storage, your colour, your style – Storage on Site is here to make it happen.

Contact us today to learn more or to get the ball rolling on your new project.