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One of the priorities that Self Storage site owners have to consider is condensation prevention.  The concern of customers using the containers is that over the time that the container is in use, the contents may become affected by water vapour.

Understanding condensation risks

Containers typically have between 10-14 vents (additional ones can be added) but during times of inclement weather and temperature fluctuations, there remains a risk that condensation may occur, especially if the current users are infrequent visitors to their unit.

While there is no substitute for good ventilation, there are methods that are acknowledged as best practice in reducing the impact of condensation.

Spray foam roof insulation

This is a similar product used in loft installations and works by being applied to the inside roof of the container and or walls. The nature of the product helps to regulate the temperate between the outside and inside of the container. This encourages a more consistent temperature between the two areas and can greatly reduce and even prevent condensation. Spray Foaming is a one time treatment and there are options to spray just the roof or for maximum protection the walls can be treated too.

Absorber poles (aka dampsticks)

These are short poles that hang inside the container, filled with a special material designed to absorb moisture in the air and trap it. These little poles can absorb up to 2 litres of water and once the pole is full, you can simply replace it.

Condensation prevention is a vital consideration for Self Storage site owners to ensure the safety and integrity of their customers’ stored belongings. While containers come equipped with vents, inclement weather and temperature fluctuations can still pose a risk of condensation, particularly when users infrequently access their units.

For continuous peace of mind, combining the above methods with regular container inspections and good ventilation practices is recommended.

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