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With space being a premium at any Self Storage centre, you will need to consider which container sizes will offer you the best value for money while ensuring practical space is readily available for your customers.

20ft containers, the go-to choice for Self Storage

By far the most popular size unit on the market, 20ft containers are 20ft long, 8ft wide and 8ft 6in high. As standard, this unit comes in green for gentle blending in with nature’s surroundings, or an attractive blue.  In terms of size, 20ft containers are often described as very similar to a single garage, making it perfect for those looking for a general clear out, to declutter, or often as a holding place during a house move or renovation.

10ft containers, super flexible storage

Coming in as a strong second place to their 20ft cousins, 10ft containers are 10ft long, 8ft wide and 8ft 6in high. These compact units are real space savers and very popular with self storage sites as they become full and available space becomes more challenging. These are frequently used for storing personal items, but are increasingly a great and secure alternative for smaller vehicular items such as motorbikes and quad bikes.

8ft containers, to maximise Self Storage space

The smallest of the group are 8ft long, 7ft wide and 7ft 6in high. 8ft containers are the ultimate space saver for Self Storage centres and often the last size to be installed. Due to their compact nature, they can often be found neatly tucked away effectively filling smaller areas when space is premium. The 8ft is a popular choice for students looking for storage or those looking for a cheaper and easier solution for short term storage. You will often find that tradesmen will use this size container to keep their tools and materials safe too.

Other options for Self Storage centres

For self storage centre owners, our containers provide an invaluable advantage. Each container has been engineered with stackability in mind, allowing them to neatly and securely fit on top of one another within their respective sizes. This not only optimises the use of available space within your storage facility, but also enhances the overall convenience for your customers.

The range of container sizes on offer caters to the varied needs of your self storage site users. Whether they require compact storage for personal items, furniture, or even vehicles, or if they seek more extensive space for larger belongings or business inventory, our containers offer a versatile and accommodating solution. This variety allows you to attract a broader clientele and provide tailored storage options, further solidifying your self storage centre as a top choice in the industry.

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