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This is a question that many people ask, and the answer is not a simple yes or no. Whilst what we supply is generally thought of a temporary structure there are a few instances where planning permission will come into play regarding a container and cabin placement. Whether you are required to apply for permission will depend a few factors and we have outlined the most common below.

How long do you intend to have the container for?

Temporary use under 28 days for a short-term storage solution or as a temporary office space while building or having work done on your premises generally will require no permission.

If your use will be for a longer period, you may need to obtain permission from your local planning authority. This is more likely if the container will be visible from a public highway or if it will be used for a purpose that is not considered in keeping to the main use of the land.

What is the size of the container or cabin?

The container or cabin size can mean that a different view is taken on whether you need planning permission.

For a smaller unit, up to 20ft, this may be considered temporary and not require planning permission. Larger units however, especially over 30sq m may be looked at more as a workshop or building, depending on their use, and as such are more likely to require planning permission.

What will you use the container for?

This could be anything from general household storage to a temporary office space or workshop. The type of use may need a consultation for permission as the local authority may wish to discuss what business activity happens on the site.

What is the specific location the container will be sited?

Authorities may be more likely to want to discuss the permission of units placed on a boundary, especially to a public highway or thoroughfare.

If you are in a conservation area, a national park, or an area of outstanding natural beauty, you may be subject to additional planning regulations such as colour and location to allow permission.

Whilst in many cases no permission will be required, we would recommend that if you have any concern or query, it is always best to check with your local planning authority before placing any unit on your site.

For further information or to arrange a free site visit for advice, please call 023 8033 2266 or email