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20ft Shipping Containers

20ft Storage on Site Shipping Container

The Ultimate Storage Solution

For a storage solution that offers adaptability and efficiency, look no further! SOS 20ft containers are the perfect answer to all your on-site and local storage needs. Designed to cater to various industries and projects, these containers provide unmatched convenience and peace of mind.

Whether you need secure on-site storage for construction materials and equipment, or a reliable warehousing option for your business, our 20ft containers offer the ideal space to organise and protect your assets.

Experience the peace of mind with the robust construction and weather-resistant properties of our containers, ensuring your items remain safe in any environment. Say goodbye to storage challenges and welcome versatility and efficiency with our 20ft shipping containers.

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  • The industry’s most popular sized container
  • Perfect for short or long term storage
  • Made from weather resistant corten steel
  • A wide range of options available
  • Can be fitted out to your exact specifications
  • Super fast delivery by our own fleet of expert drivers
  • Clear pricing with no nasty hidden extras, ever
Storage on Site 20ft High Cube Container
High Cube

With an additional 12 inches of height compared to standard containers, these versatile units provide you with extra room to store even more or bulkier items.

Full Side Opening

Versatility meets convenience with swift and easier access to your entire contents, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time.

Double Door/Tunnel

No more wasting time and effort shuffling items around to reach your goods! This option allows you to load and unload with ease from either end.


These innovative moisture-absorbing poles are designed to combat humidity and condensation in enclosed spaces, providing you with a dry and mould-free container.


Designed to fit perfectly into our containers, our racking system allows you to make the most of every inch of available space, transforming your container into an efficient storage powerhouse.

Light board

Designed for maximum energy efficiency, our shipping container light boards are a versatile addition to any container set up, providing enhanced visibility and safety.

10ft Containers

Our 10ft shipping containers are the perfect solution when space is tight, offering cost-effective and adaptable storage.

32ft Containers

Whether you're storing larger items or require on-site construction storage, our 32ft shipping containers have you covered.

40ft Containers

Our 40ft shipping container offers unmatched versatility and cost-effectiveness for various projects and on-site storage requirements.

Secure doors supplied with padlock and lockbox
Wooden flooring
Weather proof corten steel throughout

perfect for
Self Storage Centres
Shipping & Marine
Retail & Warehousing
Hotels & Hospitality
Farming & Agriculture
Home Offices
Diversification Projects
General Storage
And much more!
External Dimensions


19ft 10.5in (6,060mm)


8ft (2,438mm)


8ft 6in (2,591mm)

Net Weight


Internal Dimensions


19ft 3in (5,867mm)


7ft 7in (2,311mm)


7ft 9in (2,362mm)

Floor Area

146sq ft (13.6m²)


1,130 cu ft (32m³)

All images and measurements are illustrative examples and subject to change without notice.

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3. Delivery date is confirmed

Shortly after discussing the details and approving the costs, your delivery is confirmed.

4. You receive your order

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